Taste!   Smell!   Feel!   Listen!

Our chéf really knows his trade!

... and of course he does not work in the dark, but in his brightly lit kitchen. His creations are well worth seeing, even if they remain hidden from your glances.

All the dishes are designed for the presentation in complete darkness: Nothing has to be tranched and the fish is free of fishbones of course. You have a normal dining set and you will be amazed at how confidently you can handle it after a very short time.

They say: "You eat with your eyes." What is behind this saying? It is not just the beautiful, appetizing appearance of the prepared dishes. If you know beforehand what you will, your taste buds can prepare themselves for it and are sensitized for the task. So you can really enjoy the taste and the sensory impressions. That's why we tell you what you can expect to eat - but only if you want!

By the way: If there is something you can't bear to eat, just tell us on the spot. Our kitchen will propose an alternative.

We currently offer three light, summerly menus to choose from, and from autumn onwards we will be adding further seasonal menus. Well - if you really want to know what you can expect on your plate, have a look here:


Fish - Vegan - Surprise

unsicht-Bar® – Germany's first dark restaurant