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Questions + Answers

We are happy to answer your questions at (+49/0)30 74749123 oder via email to .

If you have a question regarding our vouchers for download (8-digit code), please call our dedicated voucher hotline: (+49/0)151 68113869 - or just send an email to .

What are your opening hours?

Under Reservation we have summarized the times at which you can make reservations on the different days. After your journey through the darkness you are welcome to relax in our cosy lounge and relive your experience.

Is it advisable to make reservations?

Yes, please call (+49/0)30 74749123 or use the form on the page Reservations.

Can I get vouchers?

Yes, it's quite simple to get a voucher. If you have any questions please call (+49/0)151 68113869 or mail to .

How long I am in darkness?

At least two hours. It takes some time to accomodate (even a bit) to a life in darkness. During a Dinner in the Dark with show or music program you spend over three hours in complete darkness and become a professional using your remaining senses.

How does it all work?

You choose your desired menu and a drink in the bright entrance area and are then taken to your seat in the pitch-dark dark restaurant by our blind or visually impaired guest attendants. Soon the first course will be served. The procedures for the "blue nights" and the shows are somewhat different. But one thing is always guaranteed: Your waitress or waiter is always available to answer your questions or to accept repeat orders. By the way: All light sources (e.g. mobile phones and watches) are taboo.

How dark is it actually?

100 percent pitch-black. One does not see the hand before one's eyes and there is not the smallest spot of light. However, your personal waiter is always nearby and will be happy to help if needed. You will soon notice: It's not that difficult.

Will I be blotted all over after dinner?

No, probably not! We prepare the meals in such a way that they are easily eatable in the dark. If needed you can ask your personal waiter or waitress for assistance. You will be surprised how soon you are able to act in this unfamiliar situation.

And how are your employees able to orientate themselves?

Blind and visually impaired people are used to using their other senses. They use the sound and noises within a room or the texture of the floor for orientation.

What if I want to order some more?

Your assigned blind or visually impaired waiter or waitress are always accessible. You can talk to them at any time and let them know about your wishes or needs.

Are the restrooms also in the dark?

No, only the actual guest room is dark, everything else is lit. Let your waiter know if you want to use the toilet, he or she will bring you there and pick you up again at the light lock.

Can we bring our children along?

Yes, children from the age of eight on are welcome. To eat with their fingers is an affair of honour!

How can I pay?

We accept all common credit cards as well as your ec-card, and cash.

I still have a question but I cannot find an answer here...

We are happy to answer your questions on the phone at (+49/0)30 74749123 or by mail to .

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