unsicht-Bar BERLIN

Taste!   Smell!   Feel!   Listen!

"Blue nights"

On "blue nights" - which take place every Monday - we offer you a "dark experience" at a particularly attractive price. On these days you will receive a 4-course menu including an aperitif and all non-alcoholic drinks at a total price of 50 EUR. The blue nights start at 7 pm. Please arrive on time, best 15 minutes earlier.

The procedure is a little bit different on these evenings:

We welcome you with an aperitif, tickle your taste buds and explain the sequence of events.

You will take a seat in the dining room which is only lit by a few candles. We set up enough tables for 2, 4 or 6 persons and we can easily and on-the-fly arrange for larger groups as well.

When all guests have found their place, we blow out the candles and the first course is served. Now you will dive into a world of smells and noises, thermal and haptical impressions. The nose senses smells and aromas in an unprecedented fullness. Your tongue intensively senses every bite of the menu. Your ears are sharpened and mnore sensitive to the background noises, with some music mixed in from time to time. Your waiter is always close to you to offer help if needed.

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