unsicht-Bar BERLIN

Taste!   Smell!   Feel!   Listen!

Dear friends and guests of the unsicht-Bar Berlin!

Finally the time has come! We open again on Friday, May 15th, initially with reduced opening hours. It is best to book now, we are looking forward to your visit! You will find all further information on page Reservations.

Your unsicht-Bar team

Dear guests and friends of the unsicht-Bar!

Since 01.02.2019 you can find us in Berlin-Mitte in the historic "alte Backfabrik" (old baking factory) in Saarbrücker Straße 36-38, where the dark restaurant "Nocti Vagus" has been residing for many years. In these rooms we offer you the best of "unsicht-Bar" and "Nocti Vagus": Great shows and exquisite treats. Please also note our "blue nights". On these evenings we offer an attractive 4-course menu including an aperitif and all non-alcoholic drinks for a total price of 50 EUR.


When having dinner at the unsicht-Bar your eyes will finally be able to take a well-deserved break from the thousands of visual messages picked up during the day. You will be able to experience what wonderful work your other senses are capable of. Feel a gentle breeze. Feel the things on your table. Let your nose explore unknown horizons and experience pure taste without any visual pretence. You will feel the presence of your table partners and will be pleasantly surprised how the simplest conversation will magnify in importance. A genuine sensory rush!

Fork at 9 o'clock

On the basis of a clock the blind or visually impaired waiters explain to the guests the placement of the objects, so that they can find everything in the darkness. The fork is at 9, the knife at 3 o'clock.

When dining with us...

...you are not left alone in the dark. You will be welcomed in the gently illuminated foyer where you find the wardrobe, seating areas and bar. In the foyer you can leave your coat, decide on your meal and enjoy a drink before your experience begins...

Here you will choose your meal and beverages and receive instruction for your time in the dark. Then your personal waiter and guide will come and welcome you. Being blind or visually impaired, he/she is completely at home in the dark.

Two rules must be strictly adhered to during your time with us: First, light of any kind, e.g. from lighters or cigarettes, lit displays of watches or cellular phones are forbidden in the dark. Second, please do not attempt to move through the dark restaurant by yourself - you may get hurt or disrupt the service personnel.

Should you wish to leave the restaurant, be it for a smoke or for the bathroom, please notify your waiter. He/she will make sure to guide you safely outside.

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